What we do

Server software is an integral part of SMART product development. You need central logic, databases and several cloud tools to deploy and manage your products, and services online. Artificial Machines develops server software using Node.js, React and Angular, with a host of third party libraries that complement the Node ecosystem.

We work with the 3 most common cloud platforms - Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Most companies have investments in either, or all of these platforms based on tools required. Almost all these platforms provide all the services you would need to build a modern online business. We have many years of experience working with most of these tools.

It is important that we build the server part of SMART products, because it allows us to build deeply integrated workflows from device to server. The Embedded Developers, App Developers and Server Developers work closely to build fine-tuned electronic products.

Services: Node.js
AWS Cloud
Google Cloud
Microsoft Cloud
Device to Server