Artificial Intelligence with tensorflow and google coral on edge computers and high performance computers

How It Works

Artificial Intelligence has become a common word in almost all companies. While most companies talk about it, few actually use AI to affect their business to its fullest potential. If your reports still depend on human written algorithms, if you still answer customer calls manually or solve customer problems manually, if you don't capture everything your customers do and improve your business automatically from the data, if the predictions of your business are derived from gut feel and experience, you are not fully using AI in your company.

While a lot of companies provide AI services to customers, what sets Artificial Machines apart if the depth and breadth of the experience in AI. Not only do we work in almost all use cases and all AI frameworks, we design our own AI hardware in Edge Computing and High Performance Computing to give AI the muscle it needs to crunch the data at the point of need.

Talk to us to see how Artificial Machines can transform your business with Artificial Intelligence. AI is not a luxury. Every business needs AI to survive, and then thrive.

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