Edge computing using raspberry pi cm4 and google coral

How It Works

Edge Computing is becoming one of the most important forms of computing required to process and analyse data on the edge. There are too many situations where you can't send all the data to central servers in the cloud, and need to make sense of the data on the machines in the field.

For many years this was not possible. There was a large divide between Client and Server. Clients just couldn't manage the analytics and servers couldn't respond to real time requirements. This became even more important when AI started making a lot of decisions on the devices in the field. There just wasn't enough computing power.

Thanks to the new RPi CM4 board, and the Google Coral M.2 board, it is now possible to put high computing capability on the edge, at a low cost. With pricing under $100/- for 4 Trillion OPS (Tensorflow Lite), you can build many applications for Audio, Video, Sensor Fusion and other Edge computing requirements.

Artificial Machines designs custom Edge Computers based on customer requirements. You can choose what RPi peripherals you need access to, and what external devices you need to control. If you need an Edge Computing partner, who has Hardware, Software and AI development capability under one roof, we are the company for you.

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