What we do

Artificial Machines has many years of experience developing AI systems. We work in Vision and Image Analysis, Audio and Sound processing, Alexa, Google Home and Siri controlled apps, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Agents & Bots, Sensor Fusion and Data Analysis using AI.

We mostly do AI projects in Python using frameworks like Tensorflow and Keras. If required, we can also work on Theano, Caffe and other frameworks. Since we design Edge Computer PCBs and High Performance Computer PCBs, we hardware accelerate our AI software on custom Hardware, and Google, AWS and Azure Cloud infrastructure.

If your business requires Artificial Intelligence projects to be executed by an experienced team, with the ability to work on hardware and / or software, we are the company for you.

Services: Artificial Intelligence
Hardware Tensorflow
Keras, Theano, Caffe
AI driven IOT
Vision, Audio, Bots
Business Analytics, Inference, Prediction