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  • Electronic product development phases showing mechanical, pcb design, embedded, mobile and software.
    // End-To-End
    We are 100+ engineers
    with 20 years experience
    in designing SMART products.
  • SMART appliances shown with pcbs and mobile apps
    // We Design
    IOT Enabled
    Connect your appliances
    to users with mobile phones
  • flutter and qt being used to create mobile apps and apps on electronic products
    // We Build
    Unified Apps
    on Mobile
    & Devices
    Lower your cost with
    one code base across Mobile
    and Devices using Flutter or Qt
  • raspberry pi compute module 4 shown with custom IO board designed around it
    // We Design
    IO Boards
    For RPi CM4
    Low Cost Quad Core
    A72 1.5GHZ. Electronics
    to fit any requirement
  • edge computer with raspberry pi cm4 and google coral pcb connected with custom IO board
    // We Design
    On Steroids
    Low cost, high performance
    Edge Computers for AI,
    Vision, IOT and Sensor Data
  • high performance computer created with 13 raspberry pi cm4 boards and 13 google coral boards all in under $1200/-
    // We Design
    Get 100 Trillion Ops
    and 52 Cores @1.5Ghz
  • artificial intelligence with tensorflow and keras using edge computers and high performance computers
    // We Develop
    AI Applications
    for Edge
    HPC and Cloud
    Harness the power
    of AI for your business
// about company

Your Partner for
Product Innovation

Artificial Machines works with global customers, designing end-to-end electronic products and services. With Mechanical Design, PCB Design, Embedded, Mobile, Ai and Server software under one roof, you can depend on us to take full responsibility for your product development.


With over 20 years of experience in Electronic Product Design.

Quick Turnaround

We take products from concept to market in a short period of time.

// why choose us

Design your next
Innovative Product Now

Mechanical Design
Our mechanical design teams design plastics, sheet metal, milled parts and assemblies for your products.
PCB Design
Our pcb design teams design 2 layer to 10 layer boards for complex electronic functions in your products.
Firmware / Software
Our firmware, mobile and software development teams write the logic and user functionality of your product.
Ai / Analytics
Our server software and Ai software teams build the enterprise intelligence you need to manage your products
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Projects Completed

We have succesfully completed and delivered hundreds of projects in Hardware and Software to global customers.

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Happy Customers

We measure the success of our efforts by how happy our customers, make their customers, with our products.

// our services

We Offer a Wide Variety
of Product Development Services

Mechanical Design

We work in tools like Autodesk Inventor Pro to build Plastic Bodies and Moulds, Sheet Metal Parts and 5 Axis Milled Parts. Anything you need to get your product to fit.

PCB Design

We design 2 layer to 10 layer boards in Altium Designer and Mentor. From Schematics to Simulation to Routing, tiny IOT Devices to complex High Performance Computers, we can build anything.

Embedded / Linux Drivers

We program bare metal processors, to Linux drivers. From real time devices to complex scheduled Linux environments. Our Embedded teams help bind the hardware to the software world.

Mobile / Flutter / Qt

We develop iOS, Android and Linux device applications. We work with Flutter, Qt and Native development environments. Our unified development in Flutter and Qt helps keep apps in sync on mobile and devices.

Ai Software

We design Edge Computers and High Performance Computers using Google Coral for Ai. Our experience in hardware helps us link deeply into Ai development with hardware acceleration. We work with Tensorflow, Keras and other frameworks as required.

Server Development

All things must tie up with backend servers and analytics. Our server development teams work in a range of technologies like Node.js and Enterprise Java. We deploy on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure as required.

// We Carry more Than Just Good Coding Skills

Let's Design your Product

// Our Experience

Areas of Expertise

We have worked on many use cases over the past decade. Our extensive Electronic Product design experience has been in the following areas.


All the skills you need
Deeply integrated with each other