Product Design

Artificial Machines is a SMART Product Design company. We work with several global corporations to help them engineer SMART products, as well as the communication about the products.

For this we use the latest and greatest technologies in Internet of Things, AI, Mobility, Server Analytics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and 3D animation.

Internet of Things

Today’s world of connected devices offer a huge opportunity in customer engagement. Our world is more interactive than ever before. Your products can take advantage of this connected new world, and offer disruptive innovation opportunities, which will far outperform standalone offline products.

Artificial Machines offers services in Electronics PCB design, Embedded Software, iOS and Android App Development and Server Side Analytics. Our End-to-End IOT platform called the ‘HAZE Platform’, has all the designs, tools and technologies that make it easy for you to take your products online. Get to market fast by taking advantage of the HAZE platform.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have become the new way of communicating with your customers. Real time interactive game engines provide a powerful tool to create interactive Sales Catalogues. The comprehensive tools allow your customer to ‘see’ your products perform in a simulated 3D environment. Virtual headsets like the Oculus, and Samsung VR immerse your customers into an unforgettable experience.

Artificial Machines creates 3D content from CAD in tools like Maya and 3DS Max. The assets are then imported, textured and programmed in powerful game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity. Real Estate property catalogues, B2B product catalogues, and other product sales catalogues come alive with Augmented and Virtual Reality.

3D Animation and Films

While 30 second TV commercials are great for brand recall, they seldom explain the value proposition of your products. 3D animated infomercials are great to explain the features of your product, as well as what differentiates your products from the competition. Further, 3D animated videos can make great product manuals, instead of printed product manuals. Online channels like Youtube, Vimeo and others have over a billion users. In addition, you can share this content online on your website, and iPhone / iPad sales collateral for your Sales team.

Artificial Machines has a comprehensive 3D animation facility with a 4K Film Production pipeline, a Green Screen Studio, a full body Motion Capture system, 3D Modeling and Animation using Maya and 3DS Max, and a large render farm to produce films for your products rapidly. Engage your customers with breathtaking visuals of your products with our 3D animation services.